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Young Talents | Fundația Regală Margareta a României
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Young Talents

Talent is not always enough to be successful in the artistic world. Study, guidance of specialists, as well as financial support are necessary elements for the development of a young artist. Romania loses annually talents that could have otherwise been its cultural ambassadors. Young Talents is a project developed to support Romanian artists with potential, from across the country.

How do we help talented young people in Romania?

The Young Talents programme supports and promotes talented young artists from modest families, so that they have the opportunity to develop their potential and express their talent. The Young Talents scholarships aim at the artistic development of young people based on a set of goals planned at the beginning of the year.

Individual scholarships of up to 2 000 Euro

They are granted for one calendar year and allow young artists to buy materials and instruments, to participate in competitions, concerts, exhibitions and specialisation courses in Romania and abroad.

Intergenerational mentoring

This unique feature of the project gives the young scholars the chance to interact with established artists and cultural personalities, through monthly discussion sessions and creative workshops.

Promoting the work and talent of everyone

Through events organised by the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation or in collaboration with partners and sponsors of the Young Talents programme, we promote the talent and works of each young artist.

The Young Talents Programme is recognised as the Best Art and Culture Programme in Romania, awarded by the Civil Society Gala in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Who are the scholars?

Pupils and students from the music and visual arts high schools and universities in the country, young people from low-income families, aged from 14 to 24. In 2017, 36 young artists were selected as Young Talents scholars, following a national selection carried out by a jury of prestigious art and culture people.


Main activities for the young artists


The development plan and the artistic portfolio of each scholar are designed so as to organise and prioritise their goals and to teach them how to appear before the public.


The promotion of young people consisted of a series of 16 events, recitals and exhibitions. Their purpose is to present the young scholars to the public and to highlight their qualities and performances.


Intergenerational mentoring and personal development workshops. They represent the unique feature that gives the scholars the chance to learn from established personalities of the artistic and cultural life through discussion sessions and creative workshops. In 2017, the mentoring sessions were given by: Corina Șuteu – cultural consultant, Raluca Pantiș – colour and material designer – Groupe Renault, Costantin Adrian Grigore – conductor, Teodor Ilincăi – tenor, Mihaela Anica – flutist, Diana Marincu – art critic and curator, Lea Raszovsky – visual artist, Cristina Stoenescu – art curator, Adriana Oprea – art curator, Ana Neagoe – visual artist and curator at Elite Art Gallery, Iulian Ochescu – pianist, Remus Azoiței – violinist, Alexandra Dariescu – pianist, Rafael Butaru – violinist.


The creative camp attended by the scholars from all over the country and by the most valuable alumni was an opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary projects and to unite the group.


The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation Orchestra performed on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum with the occasion of the Royal Charitable Concert, prepared and conducted by Maestro Tiberiu Soare, and accompanied by Teodor Ilincăi – tenor, Remus Azoiței – violinist and Alexandra Dariescu – pianist. The event brought together an audience of over 800 people and took place in the presence of the Royal Family of Romania.


The Young Talents Gala took place at the National Theatre of Bucharest and was an event for the presentation of 2017`s scholars and for their recognition, through the diplomas awarded by Her Royal Highness Princess Maria.

The Young Talents Programme in 2017:

  • 36 scholars: 18 visual artists and 18 musicians
  • 7 musical instruments and various work materials
  • 20 exhibitions, 4 individual and 16 group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally
  • 24 prizes won, including 9 first prizes and 5 special prizes
  • 8 participations in national and international masterclasses
  • 42 attendances at national and international competitions
  • 3 international scholarships