Her Majesty Margareta | Fundația Regală Margareta a României
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Her Majesty Margareta


Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, on March 26, 1949. She is the first daughter of His Majesty King Mihai I and Queen Ana of Romania. Her Majesty was born in exile after King Michael was forced to abdicate in 1947. She spent the first years of her life in UK and Switzerland, a simple, happy childhood, not very different from that of other children. Her Majesty was surrounded by the affection of her parents, her grandmother, Queen Mother Elena and her four sisters: Elena, Irina, Sofia, Maria. As a child, Her Majesty spent a long time in Italy, with Queen Mother Elena and many holidays in Denmark, at her mother`s parents. Florence and Denmark will remain the childhood places from which She will have the most beautiful memories.


Her Majesty found out about Romania from the stories of her father and grandmother and from photos. She was impressed every time by the solemnity of the moments when the King sent a New Year message for the country through Radio Free Europe. The first thing She leart in Romanian is “Our Father”, the prayer that King Michael used to tell his daughters every evening before bedtime.


Her Majesty went to school in Italy, Switzerland, then in UK, at a boarding school, returned to Switzerland at the age of 14  and attended the French High School. Philosophy was one of her favorite subjects during high school.


After taking the French Baccalaureate, Her Majesty Margareta spent a year in Italy with her grandmother, Queen Elena, in a beautiful residence next to Florence: Sparta Villa. “I have discovered a whole world with her,” said Her Majesty about her beloved grandmother. “Queen Elena was my spiritual guide, my mentor, my leading star. She taught me a lot about life, opened my eyes to everything that is beautiful and good in the world. ”


Encouraged by Queen Elena, Her Majesty decided to go to university and then to pursue an international career at the United Nations. So she attended the courses of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where she obtained in 1974 a BA in Sociology, Political Science and International Public Law. She falled in love with Edinburgh and Scotland, so much that she declared herself, in jest, “an Honorary Scot” – honorary citizen of Scotland.


Between 1974 and 1983, Her Majesty worked as a researcher at several British universities, specializing in medical sociology and public health, followed by a career in several United Nations agencies, in particular with WHO and the United Nations Population Fund. After spending 12 years in Scotland, in 1983 She moved to Italy, Rome, where she continued hey career, dealing with rural development issues. Three years later, HM joined the International Development Fund for Agriculture (IFAD), where she managed the relationship with non-governmental organizations and provided assistance in raising funds for IFAD programs.


In August 1989, when it became obvious that something was finally going to change in Eastern Europe, HM Margareta left the United Nations and dedicated herself to the cause of Romania, working with her father, King Michael I. The day of January 18 1990  was the first day on Romanian land,  once a “forbidden place”. She visited with her sister, Sofia, orphanages and elderly homes in Romania, where the children and the elderly lived in miserable conditions. Her response to these cruel realities was the creation of Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, a charitable organization she founded with her father, King Michael.

Through the Foundation, with idealism and courage, Her Majesty contributed to an improvement of the well-being of the most vulnerable Romanians – elderly, abandoned children, families in need  and young people. In 2018, the Foundation celebrates 28 years of experience and successful projects. The Foundation invested more than 12 million Euros in Romania since 1990.

Her Majesty Margareta started raising funds abroad, through the Foundation`s offices. In 1997 and 2002, HM Margareta joined King Michael in tours all around Europe, United States and Canada to support Romania’s integration into NATO.

Since 2001, HM Margareta lives at Elisabeth Palace and carries out public engagements, along with her husband, His Royal Highness Prince Radu.


HM Margareta likes movies, reading, photography and good music, loves animals and is passionate about interior decoration and Italian cuisine. She used to practice riding, tennis and hockey. Her Majesty lived and traveled to different countries and cultures, where she met all kind of people. She enjoys spending time with people “who tell the truth, behave naturally and don`t try to flatter.” Also, the sense of humor is a quality that she appreciates in others.